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Coziness Quilts

By Carol Ann Ferrari-Rogers
Owner and Certified APQS Quilter
Certified Quilt in a Day Instructor

   I attended the Needle Craft School in Midland Park, NJ when I was 8 years old and learned garment sewing. I made all of my Easter outfits, prom dresses and Halloween costumes.  In 1979, I learned how to quilt the ole’ fashion way; everything by hand. This was long before rotary cutters and pre-cuts were invented. Over the years, I taught sewing and quilting classes in my local community.  In 2011, I was honored to be affiliated with Eleanor Burns and received my Quilt in a Day Instructor Certification.

In March of 2015, I purchased an APQS Millennium long arm machine.  All of my quilting is hand guided. August, 2018, I received my APQS Long Arm Certification.

Coziness Quilts focuses on providing top quality machine quilting services to individuals who have completed quilt tops.  This process involves using an APQS long arm quilting machine, the Millennium (Millie) to stitch the quilt top, batting and backing fabric together to create a finished quilt.  Other services include basting, quilt top preparation, binding, and design consultations.

Some exciting news!! I have recently gotten the green light from Facebook to make my announcement!

Over the past 11 years, I have been administering a group called Quilting. This global village of creative quilters has been incredibly successful with over 133,000 members.  I have had the opportunity to individually help many quilters with designing, color choices, problems with construction, layout and even picking a pattern.  Because of this success, Facebook has asked me to reach out to quilters and “want to be” quilters and invite them to join a beta premium subscription group called “Quilting & More!” Quilting & More! is a month to month subscription group where you can come and go at any time. The cost is only $4.99 per month. Facebook is not profiting from this monthly fee.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to help quilters achieve their creative goals.  I also have many years of corporate experience in helping small (and not so small) businesses achieve their business goals and become very successful.  If you think you might benefit from a business coach, I am here for you as well. Other benefits of Quilting & More! include a monthly FREE PDF printable original pattern and of course, tips and tricks, video chats…… and many other surprises.

If Quilting & More! is a group you might enjoy, please subscribe below.  I know we are going to have lots of fun.

When you subscribe, it’s best to do so on your desktop/laptop.  Or, if you have to use a mobile device, or be sure that you have the most recent Facebook app updated.

I am “SEW” excited to start working with you and learning more about quilting.

Copy and paste this link  –>  https://www.facebook.com/groups/340578783238746/      or simply search for Quilting & More! in the group section on Face Book.

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