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The cost of having your quilt professional long arm quilted is determined by many different factors:

The Quilt’s Purpose – What is the purpose of your quilt?  Is it a wall hanging, a loved lap quilt, an heirloom?  How will you care for the quilt? Will it be machine washable?  Knowing the purpose of the quilt will help determine what type of quilting should be completed and what kind of batting should be used.

Quilt Size – To determine the size of your quilt, measure the length times the width.  This will give you the total number of square inches. A 60” times 90” quilt will be 5,400 square inches.

Quilting Prices

  • Edge to Edge (Pantographs) .02 per square inch
  • Simple Custom Quilting .04 per square inch
  • Heirloom Custom Quilting .08 per square inch

To determine the cost of quilting, multiply the total number of square inches of your quilt times the amount for each type of quilting.  For example: 60 X 90 quilt = 5,400 square inches times the cost of .02 per square inch for Edge to Edge quilting = $108.

Other services include:

  • Quilt Basting – I will baste your quilt so that you can machine or hand quilt yourself.  Cost .01 per square inch
  • Backing – You need to supply your own backing.  As with batting, your backing needs to be 8” wider and longer than your quilt top.  If you want me to piece and prepare your backing, the cost is $25.00.
  • Binding and Finishing
    • Making the binding out of your uncut fabric = $25.00
    • Machine stitch binding to the front of the quilt ONLY = .06 per linear inch
    • Machine stitch binding front/back using a decorative stitch .12 per linear inch
    • Machine stitch binding to the front of the quilt PLUS hand stitch binding to the back of the quilt = .30 per linear inch
  • Batting – If you elect to use the batting I have in stock, you will be charged retail prices by the yard.  Prices vary depending on the batting type (100% cotton, 80/20 cotton/poly, or 100% polyester)

Hints on how to prepare you quilt for quilting:

  • Be sure your backing is at least 6 – 8 inches longer and wider than the quilt top.
  • Be sure your batting is at least 4 – 6 inches longer and wider than the quilt top.
  • Be sure to trim all your loose and stray threads and is free of any pet hair.
  • Ensure that your borders are flat and square to avoid any waves or puckers.
  • Iron your quilt top with all seams pressed flat before folding neatly.
  • If your backing is seamed, use a ½” seam allowance and be sure to remove the salvage edge and make sure the sides are straight and square.
  • Please do NOT embellish your quilt with any buttons, trims, ribbons, etc. until after the quilt is quilted.

Thread – The cost of the thread and bobbins are already included in the quilting prices.  During our consultation, we can discuss color and weight to ensure it compliments your quilt beautifully.

Custom Quilts ~ Preparation and creation – prices to be determined during consultation.

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